Important Considerations when purchasing a Bathroom Vanity


Important Considerations When Buying a Bathroom Vanity

Are you in the market for a new bathroom vanity for your upcoming renovation? A bathroom vanity can serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom remodel, adding both style and functionality to the space. Unlike traditional toilet and tap units, bathroom vanities prioritize design and space utilization. At Above All Bathrooms, we offer competitively priced vanity bathroom cabinets in our standard bathroom packages and even provide the option for a customized vanity by Rifco, an Australian manufacturer. One of our most popular items, the Contour in 1200mm, perfectly blends style and practicality.

Bathroom vanity units come in a diverse range of sizes, colors, and designs. While floor-standing units remain in demand, wall-hung bathroom vanity units have gained popularity for their space-saving benefits. Coupled with wall-mounted toilet pans featuring concealed cisterns and plumbing, these choices offer a modern and sleek aesthetic. However, the classic floor-standing bathroom vanity remains a top choice due to its added storage space.

Regardless of your choice between floor-standing or wall-hung bathroom vanities, several crucial considerations should guide your purchase:

1. Proper Sizing:

  • Ensure accurate measurements to avoid costly mistakes like cutting down vanity tops or discarding valuable stone tops. Manufacturers’ dimensions may not always align perfectly, so plan accordingly.

2. Details Matter:

  • Before making any payments, confirm all specifications, including colors and functionality, to avoid post-purchase regrets. Custom-made bathroom vanity units may not be exchangeable, so attention to detail is crucial. Keep all documentation, including receipts and warranty information, for future reference.

3. Material Selection:

  • Consider the material of your vanity top. Options like china tops and polymarble are durable but have differences to weigh. Polymarble is often more budget-friendly but susceptible to scratching, while china tops are scratch-resistant but costlier to repair if damaged.

4. Plumbing Considerations:

  • Assess the location of your plumbing pipes. Under-floor pipes may impact wall-hung vanity installations, while pipes running through walls can affect floor-standing vanity placements.

Your choice of bathroom vanity unit plays a pivotal role in the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. Ready to explore a wide selection of bathroom vanity units in Sydney and the Central Coast? Contact Above All Bathrooms today on 1300 110816. We’re here to help you find the perfect vanity for your bathroom renovation project!