The Challenges Behind Small Bathroom Ideas


Renovated bathroom with silver and white

Looking for ideas for a small bathroom layout?

Are you searching for great small bathroom ideas for your home? Coming up with a good layout for a bathroom can be difficult but not if you know what to look out for. No matter how small the area, the goal is to create a small bathroom layout that is both attractive and functional. Read on for a few tips on how you can do just that!
Important things to consider when tackling small bathroom renovations

Now before we delve into a few ideas for small bathroom renovations, it would be best to take a good look at the challenges involved. One such challenge is of course the matter of cost. Small bathroom ideas on a budget can be difficult simply because no matter the size of the area in question, you’d still have to deal with ventilation, lighting and basic plumbing features.

Yet another challenge is of course the fact that you’ve only got a very limited area to work with. Don’t fret though because there are certainly great ways to go about it. For one thing, you can opt for fixtures that are specially designed for use in small bathrooms. You can also ditch the tub and other non-essentials (shower and toilet only).

Other fixtures that we recommend if you’re looking for small bathroom ideas on a budget:

  • Small deep tubs (if you absolutely can’t be without it)
  • Wall-mounted sink
  • Toilet-bidet combination
  • Small spa showers

Of course you can’t delve into small bathroom ideas without tackling lighting and decorations; elements that would make the area look more spacious and aesthetically pleasant. If possible, strive to introduce natural light over artificial ones. If the bathroom is to be located on the highest floor of the house; a skylight is highly recommended. You can also opt for so-called “tube lights” which reflect light from the roof of the house and introduce natural light to otherwise secluded areas of your home.

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